Homemade nutella using only 3 ingredients!

Source: Homemade nutella using only 3 ingredients!

Can’t wait to try ActiveVegan’s homemade nutella recipe!


June first will be here before we know it

Within the next two months, we will move to Mexico City DF! Hard to believe, as I sit on my comfy couch next to my husband with horses out our front window and our coop of chickens out back.
I have lived in the “country”: 15 acres of rolling green pastures spotted with hundred year old oaks, with a spring fed creek on the East of the property, since I was 8 years old. The peaceful nights with stars filling the skies will be missed the most. I am a girl of nature, strongly rooted into the Earth.
But soon, I will leave all of this, all familiar and known, for a city I have only heard about through my husband and fellow bloggers.
This is my time to take a risk, move to the unknown, learn a language, watch my children grow in another culture and I am very anxious and excited about it😉







Just as I am thankful that this opportunity to live internationally has been offered to us, I am thankful I will always be able to return to my place of nature when my travels have ended.

Looking toward the future,

H-Bomb’s Sunday photo, week 62: an art museum in Mexico City

Thank you to H-Bomb’s post on one of Mexico City’s art museums. I look forward to using these museums as our art homeschool curriculum for the coming year!

Happy Easter to all!

H-Bomb's Worldwide Karaoke

Happy Sunday, people. On this day in history in 1867, the British Parliament passed the British North America Act, which created the Dominion of Canada as part of the British Commonwealth. Pursuant to that act, Canada became a country effective July 1, 1867 (although it didn’t become fully independent of the British Parliament until 1982).

This week’s featured image comes to you from a different part of North America: Mexico City, where a new art museum opened in 2011. Called El Museo Soumaya, it was built to house the collection of Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim Helú, who according to Forbes is the second wealthiest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $77.1 billion. (Bill Gates, of course, ranks no. 1 on the Forbes list.) Designed by Fernando Romero with assistance from the firm of the legendary Frank Gehry, the aluminum-clad exterior certainly has a distinctive appearance:

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I wish you well… But If I were you I wouldn’t do it!

Ahh. How many times I have heard this statement since announcing that my husband excepted a promotion in Mexico City… My desire to travel and live in other parts of the world must have skipped many generations.

Most of my mother’s side of the family has never left the United States and those that have did much later in life, to travel to Scotland where my maternal great-grandfather was born.

So, sometime in June, we will be leaving the family farm in Brooksville, Florida and joining 21 million people in Mexico City.

We look forward to experiencing city life- good and bad, becoming fluent in Spanish, experiencing a different culture and learning about life in another part of the world. We expect to live a different type of life, that is what comes from taking a risk or leap of faith.
Our family of 5 is excited to go on this adventure together to make stories that we can tell to the many generations to follow us.

I know it is not for everyone: moving 1,200 miles away, leaving family and friends back in the US, leaving our comforts and securities, but this is what is right for our family! I hope you will continue to follow us on our journey. I am excited to see where this new path with take us 😉


MGM (known as Hollywood Studios to newbies;)

After a crazy night of sleeping, or rather falling out of beds, M let me sleep in while he took the kids to grab breakfast. I woke to their return at 8:30!! Uh oh, we had a FastPass for Disney Jr live at 9:20 and I was in my nightgown. By 8:40 we were headed out the door and I was scarfing down a cranberry walnut muffin that M had purchased Monday morning 😉
As we waited in line for the bus, I changed our FastPass on the handy My Disney Experience app for my iPhone! Sometimes I love technology!

When the bus arrived, we climb aboard to find it packed wall to wall with people, so all of us stood, the boys held a handle and M and I held the handrail straps. I had my daily core workout balancing a 29 pound child on my hip and keeping myself from flying forward or backward at the bus’ every move. I look over at M and he had daggers for eyes at all the men that sat comfy in seats while I stood holding our daughter on my hip. My husband is the perfect gentlemen and always gives his seat to women, children or old folk.

Despite the rudeness and running a little behind, we enjoyed the day despite the hot weather. Not until we crawled onto the bus at 5pm did we realize the temps had reached 90°! The children’s favorite things were “Indiana Jones”, “Star Wars”, “Lights, Motor, Action” and “Frozen Live!”

Tomorrow morning, we are headed home to our pups and chickens to enjoy the last two days of M’s vacation 😀

Here are a few photos from our day at HS…

Till tomorrow,










Epcot with kids

After the unexpected flat tire on the way Orlando yesterday, we were running just under an hour behind. Driving 50 mph on a donut will do it! 😉

We arrived at the hotel room and got our free grey Magic-bands!


Then we boarded the Disney bus to Epcot. A hop, skip, and jump and we were pulling up to the spaceship Earth!
Miss P seemed a little off and cranky so she rode in the Stroller and nodded off to sleep by lunch.

I can’t describe how many “selfie sticks”I observed being used by both old and young people and seeing the array of sunscreens both bottle and spray being used, made me thankful to be a Floridian and have dark complexioned children!









For today, we will relax by the pool and enjoy life and the nice warm weather 😎